Who is This Guy?

Coburn Hawk is a User Experience designer in Los Angeles. He has a passion for building systems that work well & make a difference in people's lives. His UX experience includes subscription services, agency work, software consulting firms, UGC content sites, and companies with product driven SaaS solutions.

  • Systems that perform
  • Objects that inspire
  • A world that works

In his previous career, he was an Art Director in television & films, but finds pushing pixels in Omnigraffle to be much easier on the back. As one of his passion projects, he has published a Science Fiction novel called "The Middle Man."

Specialties: Communication: Fluent in the languages of Marketing, Design, & Development. Often used as a cross-discipline translator.

Roughly #103 in the series of oil paintings that began in 1998. Most of the paintings are in private collections as they were commissioned "portraits" of the human spirit.